Winner: Best OTC Pharmacy Training 2018

Author CIG Healthcare March 21, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and CIG Healthcare Partnership were awarded Best OTC Pharmacy Training for their training on Maloff Protect at the annual OTC Marketing Awards.


CIG Healthcare Partnership worked closely with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to produce an interactive e-learning module, available on a broad Pharmacy Network reaching up to 90,000 pharmacy team members online. It was supported by a printed four-page training guide distributed to every pharmacy in the UK and an extensive digital marketing campaign.


Rosanne Please, Director of Content at CIG Healthcare Partnership, commented: “We’re delighted for our work with Maloff Protect to be recognised with this award. Engaging successfully with pharmacy teams is a crucial part of any POM to P switch and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have been determined to provide ongoing training and support of the highest quality.”


If you are interested in producing any pharmacy training materials, digital or print-based, please contact CIG Healthcare Partnership team on 020 7434 1530 or